At Malibu C, we aim for head to toe wellness. Our patented vitamin crystal technology infused in our Wellness Treatments features an exclusive blend of natural antioxidants and ionic food-grade ingredients designed to elevate hair and skin to its highest level of health. These crystalized ingredients are 100% Vegan and hermetically sealed so they can be water activated on the spot, giving you absolute freshness and mega-potency with each and every treatment. The result...one of a kind technologies that naturally revitalizes and strengthens,, giving you the purest, most vibrant outcome. From Wellness Treatments to progressive shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers, gorgeous, healthy hair and skin begins and ends with Malibu C.

Everything Classic Beauty Supply offers by Malibu:


Color Wellness Shampoo

Blondes Wellness Shampoo

Hard Water Wellness Shampoo

Scalp Wellness Shampoo

Un-Do-Goo Clarifying Shampoo

Swimmers Wellness Shampoo

Swimmers Water Action Shampoo

Swimmers Action Powder Treatment

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